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The hardest step is usually the first step. I often say, the first part of the exercise starts with your imagination. If you can imagine that you can do it, that helps the body and the mind begin to commit to the process of overcoming fatigue and breaking the mental boundaries that keep us from our optimal state of being. The next step is experiencing a free trial video session with me and even if you do not continue with a package, you will walk away with at least a few tools to help improve your state of beings.


My Mission

Healthy people are happy people. My motivation is to help make this world a better place by empowering people to achieve their optimal health levels so they can achieve their goals and missions in life. I have personally experienced many conditions that have affected my ability to get out of bed and be active in life. Through my own experiences, I have developed an innate sense of how to help other people who experienced a variety health challenges but also have a great desire to be strong fit, and age gracefully. At Pranamix PT, we reverse degenerative processes on a cellular level through movement, mindfulness, and nutrition.


First 30 minute session is FREE! Free sessions are in high demand so sessions are typically scheduled in 2-6 weeks.

30 minute session: $60

One hour session: $100

90 minute session: $120

Package discounts are available.

Melanie is not just a highly educated and skilled therapist but she also has a deep empathic sense that allows her to tune in to her clients needs in a way that can not be taught.
— A Leon, MD

Fitness Goals

  • Generalized Muscle Strengthening

  • Body Shaping

  • Functional Mobility

  • Improving Flexibility

  • Therapeutic exercise for decreasing pain syndromes

  • Coordination training

  • Balance training

  • Physical Therapy for treating injuries (*prescription may be required)